Welcome to Tailed Demon Slayer.The Tailed Demon Slayer is a new nft game where using the new technology of binance smart chain you can earn by staking, team battle, fight with other participants, sell nft in the marketplace and much more that will be popular in the world of ntf game.
Join our hero's adventure in Bestia, a once happy and peaceful little town turned dark. Undead bosses are now crowding the streets under King Richie's iron fist. But this will end now! Stock up on epic hero powers to start the battle of the century today!

Unlock your potential and learn new skills to battle the zombies while exploring all the possibilities of this new and exciting action idle hero game!

Grab your weapons and friends to join this exciting fantasy idle RPG adventure now! You will find it full of opportunities to battle fierce enemies, unlock skills, and power up your hero to the max! Grow stronger, every day and battle the undead bosses of Bestia in this Idle Hero Battle!

★ Explore, hunt & grow Tons of different monsters and bosses are waiting for you in the dungeons! Go into training to prepare yourself, challenge them to a battle and show off your fighting skills!

★ Unique weapons Collect, try and master all four types of weapons to make your hero invincible! Become the hero of your time!

★ Equipment collection With tons of amazing equipment and costumes, there is something for everyone! Use runes, gems, relics, and skins to create your unique character!


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